Výzva na súťaž o vizuálny koncept festivalu UM UM #7

 In Aktuality, Média

Komunitný festival súčasného divadla a umenia
17. – 19.8.2018


The organizers of the 7th edition of UM UM, Community Festival of Contemporary Theatre and Arts are announcing an open call for designing the new visual concept and the video teaser of the next festival edition. By this new graphic design, the organizers of UM UM FESTIVAL want to speak to a younger audience – students of high schools and universities, as well as other lovers of contemporary art. For the third time, the most (non)traditional festival in Slovakia, UM UM has been focusing on the history and tradition of the multi-ethnic region Spiš, especially the city Stará Ľubovňa.

After the successful fifth and sixth edition, which reflected the theme of the relationship between Slovaks, Czechs and Rusyns in Stará Ľubovňa, the next edition will focus on: GERMANS, JEWS, SLOVAKS AND STARÁ ĽUBOVŇA

The competition can be attended by professionals, students or amateurs, in particular artists, graphic designers, visual studios or students of academies. Author(s) of the winning proposal will receive the reward of 250€.

January 15. 2018 – closing date of the competition
February 15. 2018 – announcement of the results of the competition

• the design must be submitted in electronic form in the common digital image format (jpeg, gif, tif, pdf, mpeg, etc.)
• proposal to the video promotion must not exceed duration of 60 seconds
• drafts of the visual concept and video teaser must be sent by January 15, 2018 to: um-um@um-um.eu

The choosen graphic design and teaser will be published in the following forms:
• posters (A1, A2, A3)
• TV spots
• festivalový katalóg
• festival catalogue
• newsletter with the festival program
• festival bags, T-shirts, stickers
• video teaser of the festival will be shown before each show, film or other official event

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