eKo(laboratórium) was supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.

Scientists and environmental activists around the world agree that we need to focus primarily on reducing consumption (energy), further getting rid of fossil fuels and not being afraid to replace them with clean, sustainable, efficient energy sources, focusing on reducing meat production and promoting local organic production. agriculture, soil protection, water retention in the country, increasing the protection of forests and wilderness islands, reducing waste generation or the transition to a circular economy. One of the ways to activate society for change is not only to inform it, but above all to involve it in ecologically active communities, in which, in addition to joint creative activity, there is also an interdisciplinary dialogue with educational overlaps.

With the help of the new eKolaboratorium project, we want to explore creative community approaches and reflect on their ability to connect with the topic of the climate crisis. Is it possible in these times, the technologically mediated social relations, the negative effects of economic globalization and the rapidly crumbling secure environment in response to the paranoid and racist rhetoric of our “post-truth” political leaders, to work to create ethics and political action? How can we move towards socially sustainable horizons of hope through environmentally engaged and community art? What tools can we use to resist nihilism, escape consumerism, capitalist workaholism, and immunization against xenophobia? The answer is that we think and act in practice through the essence of “we – the people”, and that we are able to engage in complex conversations about what bothers us.


Workshop series eKo(laboratórium) # 1: Philosophy in the time of climate change

Jozef Džorky Pavlík (Hlinera)
Natural materials and their practical use in traditional and modern construction

Silvia Szabóová and Štefan Szabó (Ekocentrum Sosna)
Create a community climate garden with us

Tereza Vohryzková (Živá voda / Společne proti suchu)
How to engage and connect people for change?

Marika Volfová and Mikuláš Černík (Limity jsme my)
The best possible scenario


Workshop Series eKo(laboratórium) # 2: Environmentally Engaged Art
Lecturers: Oto Hudec, Vojtěch Bárta (Chemické divadlo), Lýdia Grešáková (Spolka)


Workshop Series eKo(laboratórium) # 3: Interaction between art and activism
Lecturers: Dominika Moravčíková, Michal Kindernay, Samčo, brat dažďoviek and Vlčia mačica